India COVID-19 SEIR Model Now Open-Sourced on GitHub

The iSPIRT India COVID-19 SEIR Model is now open-sourced on GitHub: Epidemiologists, Data Science & Modelling community — looking forward to your support to ​ex​plore, ad​opt, adapt, and en​hance this India COVID-19 modelling effort. If you want to contribute or have any queries please reach out to c​

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India COVID-19 SEIR Model: A Technical Introduction

#FlattenTheCurve When India locked down back in March, there was just one question on everyone’s mind: How can we flatten the curve?  Chiseled for ~90 days, the India COVID-19 SEIR model, which went live mid June, 2020, is the digital public good to meet this purpose. It pulls publicly available data to predict infection trends across all of India’s districts…

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Bending India’s COVID19 Curve Through Science & Data-Led Models

Powered by data-led scientific rigor, the India COVID-19 SEIR Model delivers early infection trends for every district in India. The model is geared to help Indians from all walks of life plan life and work decisions around their region’s projected trends over the next 15-30 days. Hospitals can use the model to plan for a surge in demand for resources…

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